OfferMind 2019 Event Review

offer Sep 07, 2019

OfferMind 2019, held in Boise, Idaho was a marketing-fest of what's working now strategy.

This review is a complete blow by blow account of the event. It's a long read. If you prefer to watch video you can do so here.

The event covered how to design lucrative offers and sales messages using REAL MARKETING.

If you're the type of online entrepreneur that wants to:

  • Build a long term, lucrative online business not just a quick buck side hustle.
  • Make the kind of money that gives you the financial freedom to live life on your own terms
  • Create, market and sell premium transformational products and services that add value to your dream customer's life

Then OfferMind is right up your alley.

Any influencer or expert that wants to build a constantly growing loyal fan base must create a CULT-URE, not just a brand.  Steve Larsen understands this. Tribe building was in full effect at OfferMind.

The Game of Thrones-Esque event sigil was...

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Why Lead Generation Quiz Magnets Will Increase Your Clients and Sales

list building May 09, 2019
This post contains affiliate links for products I'm totally smitten with. If you click and purchase I will receive a small commission.

The DEATH of the PDF freebie is near!!

Change your lead magnet ways before it’s too late!


Quick question?


Do you offer a free PDF lead magnet to attract your ideal client, build your email list and sell your products and services? 


How's that working for you? 


Here's the reality… 5 years ago the free PDF was the best thing since sliced bread  for attracting leads and building your list.


Those where the days. You could rustle up a landing page, slap a so-so headline on it, offering a PDF   containing free value as an ethical bribe an email address.





List building was a doddle. After a few nurture emails , you could present an offer and expect  sales. 


It got better. You didn't have to be a marketing Ninja to use paid Facebook Ads to...

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Why Marketing To Women Is a Must If You Want To Sell More

marketing strategy May 09, 2019

Everybody has heard of LL COOL J a.k.a Ladies Love Cool James, right? (If not you must have been vacationing on Mars for the last 30 years! I hear the weather is nice over there).

Well there is a new acronym in town and it can make or break your journey to the two comma club.

LL COOL F - Ladies Love Cool FUNNELS.

If you want your funnels to have as many adoring female fans opting in as LL COOL J does at his rap concerts you have to know the trends with women and then adapt your campaigns to heavily market to women?

Don't believe me? Let me hit you with the stats cos like Shakira says, hips don't lie and either do the NUMBERS.

1. Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases

2. 22% shop of women shop online at least once a day

3. 36% of moms have made a purchase because of a PAID SOCIAL MEDIA AD

4. Make up about 20% of all U.S. mothers with an average of 3.4 social media accounts

4. Women want more images of more fathers in marketing. For instance an image of a man being loving to...

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Kajabi vs Teachable: A Feature-By-Feature Comparison on the Best Platform To Sell Your Online Course

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2019

Dear entrepreneur...

It seems you got the memo early. The fastest way to scale your business is to focus on selling your knowledge rather than what you do!

Digital products, courses and online programs are definitely the way forward. 

The question is ...

Which is the best online course platform that can build your digital empire? 

Kajabi and Teachable are the more popular Content Management Systems -  "technobabble" for online software that allows you to publish your own digital content, market and sell it to your audience for for whatever price you choose.

How are Kajabi and Teachable different from course platforms like Udemy?

Udemy restricts what digital products you can sell, how you sell it, and what price you can sell it for.

On Teachable and Kajabi your content is self hosted. You are the boss and you make the rules on how you package your expertise and sell it.

 Complete freedom right?


So which is the best?


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11 Steps To Create A GDPR Compliant Email Opt In On A Kajabi Landing Page

gdpr kajabi Apr 29, 2019

Got GDPR Consent? 

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affects you if your business is based in the European Union (EU), or you process the personal data of of individuals who live in the EU or have EU rights.

The internet has no global boundaries, so if you are list building this probably affects your business.

 GDPR regulation dictate the consent you obtain must be freely given, specific, informed, and unambiguous.

Creating a email opt in that ask for explicit consent to send further content is the first step in becoming compliant.

Here is the 11 step roadmap on how to do this with Kajabi.

Step 1

Change inline call to action forms to a two step optin. This increases conversion rates and keeps the look and feel of your page less cluttered.

Step 2

Navigate to Marketing >> Forms

Create a Kajabi form for your freebie. The trick here is to add a custom form field of type radio buttons. The GDPR subscribe alternatives go here.

 Yes I want...

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The Step By Step Action Guide To Setting Up A Kajabi Webinar Pipeline in 60 Minutes or Less

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2019

Website up 

Course completed -

Webinar presentation 

The worst is behind you. You've been working creating your online course for so long.

All those long evenings...

Creating course slides.

Writing copy.

Uploading video.

Building an audience.

It's high time you brought your message to the masses and brought home the bacon.

How do you sell your course, program, coaching or consulting after you've labored over for so long?

The word on the street is you need to do a webinar. An online presentation that your Ideal Client Avatar signs up to watch. That proves you are "know, like and trustable". If your offer is irresistible, once you pitch, they will pay.

Straightforward, right?

Kajabi has a preconfigured webinar pipeline feature that makes it easy to set up a Zoom live webinar workflow without having to hire expensive coders.

What do I mean by pipelines?

Pipelines are marketing workflows powered by automation that make it keep it simple, stupid for even...

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The 10 Step Successful Course Launch Framework Revealed At The 2019 Kajabi Summit


I just got back from the Kajabi conference and it was an absolute blast! I know many of you couldn’t make it out there so consider this your official recap and recount of the online business building gems dropped.

This post is really going to be beneficial to you if you’re launching your online course or signature program and you need a great strategy to stay the course.

The first person to rock the stage was Amy Porterfield with her 10 step course launch framework. 

Amy spoke on a Saturday but it felt like a Sunday because Amy totally took us to COURSE LAUNCH CHURCH! Her profitable “course launch sermon”, almost had me clapping and yelling Amen sister, “You better preach those words of profit”, from the V.I.P section!.

I totally agree with her framework. The main points in this post is a summary of the launch framework tips she gave in her talk, along with my two cents commentary about how to create a successful online...

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7 Essential Tools For Coaches, Consultants & Course Creators Who Want To Make More And Work Less

online business Apr 12, 2019
Many of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase.


1. Kajabi

  • Host and deliver online course
  • Host membership sites
  • House the curriculum and content for your trainings and teaching
  • Build an email list of highly targeted prospects
  • Build a wait list for your next coaching package.
  • Create landing pages
  • Deliver converting sales pages
  • Send automated email sequences and broadcasts to your subscribers
  • Host your lead magnet and documents
  • Take payments for your programs and packages.
  • Set up reoccurring subscriptions for retainer clients
  • Automated marketing system
  • Create a customer acquisition funnel that runs on autopilot.
  • Manage affiliates who refer people to your products and services
  • Blogging
  • Host live webinars
  • Host automated evergreen webinars
  • Host a virtual summit online

How can it help you make more?

Kajabi is the perfect tool for coaches and consultant and content creators to host online courses and training. The one stop business...

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10 Reasons Why Your New Kajabi Sales Dashboard is Stuck on Zero!!

new kajabi Nov 12, 2016

Start here

1. You haven't integrated your Stripe Payment Processor 

Solution: It's easy peasy lemon squeezy. Stripe is the integrated payment processor for New Kajabi and it is super easy to integrate the two.  When you click on sales under your dashboard, you will see two buttons inviting you to set up Stripe. Click on the one that applies and follow the these instructions to allow people to pay for your content today.

2. Shiny object syndrome snuck in and you got distracted with a million other things to grow your business.

Solution: Don't worry we all get sidetracked. However, the pathway to financial prosperity with passive incomes begins with Yesssss, just log in and have snoop around at the dashboard and the features. Go to your inbox and do a search for the initial email that was sent to you when you signed up, locate your login details and just take the first step of logging. I guarantee once you see how simple it is to access you will be back.

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