How To Re-engage a Neglected Email List You Allowed To Turn Cold

by Caroline Onyedinma
The feeling you get when you've ghosted your email list for too long...
But you use The I'm Sorry Email Strategy to get them to take you back ...
And they forgive you!
Do you ever feel icky about emailing your list after long periods of being disrespectfully AWOL?
I'm sure we've all been guilty at one point of, "Papa Was A Rolling Stone Syndrome” when it comes to emailing our subscribers.
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Why TryInteract is the Best Quiz Platform For Course Creators, Coaches & Consultants

by Caroline Onyedinma

The search for the best online quiz creation tool stops here!

If you’re an online business owner you know the odds are heavily stacked against you if you don't grow a highly relevant email list like, yesterday!

If you're an expert or entrepreneur with amazing courses, and services to sell but without a constant flow of loyal leads, your revenue will tank faster than the titanic.

Digital clutter and overwhelm are at an all-time high. The people you ACTUALLY want on your email list,...

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21 Lead Magnet Ideas That Can Be Created Under 60 Minutes And Actually Give Value

by Caroline Onyedinma

Not all lead magnet ideas are created equal.

If you’re an online business owner ( aspiring or not) EXPLODING your email lists should be a top priority in 2020. We need to bring our list-building A-game if we are going to be successful at it.

Gone are the days you could just waft an ebook in front of your target audience and have a mass rush on your email list.

The market has raised the stakes. They actually require your lead magnet to be valuable before they’re willing to grace...

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Why Lead Generation Quiz Magnets Will Increase Your Clients and Sales

by Caroline Onyedinma
list building May 09, 2019
This post contains affiliate links for products I'm totally smitten with. If you click and purchase I will receive a small commission.

The DEATH of the PDF freebie is near!!

Change your lead magnet ways before it’s too late!


Quick question?


Do you offer a free PDF lead magnet to attract your ideal client, build your email list and sell your products and services? 


How's that working for you? 


Here's the reality… 5 years ago the free PDF was...

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