Why Lead Generation Quiz Magnets Will Increase Your Clients and Sales

list building May 09, 2019
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The DEATH of the PDF freebie is near!!

Change your lead magnet ways before it’s too late!


Quick question?


Do you offer a free PDF lead magnet to attract your ideal client, build your email list and sell your products and services? 


How's that working for you? 


Here's the reality… 5 years ago the free PDF was the best thing since sliced bread  for attracting leads and building your list.


Those where the days. You could rustle up a landing page, slap a so-so headline on it, offering a PDF   containing free value as an ethical bribe an email address.





List building was a doddle. After a few nurture emails , you could present an offer and expect  sales. 


It got better. You didn't have to be a marketing Ninja to use paid Facebook Ads to...

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