Why Lead Generation Quiz Magnets Will Increase Your Clients and Sales

by Caroline Onyedinma
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The DEATH of the PDF freebie is near!!

Change your lead magnet ways before it’s too late!


Quick question?


Do you offer a free PDF lead magnet to attract your ideal client, build your email list and sell your products and services? 🤔🤔


How's that working for you? 🤷


Here's the reality… 5 years ago the free PDF was the best thing since sliced bread 🍞 for attracting leads and building your list.


Those where the days. You could rustle up a landing page, slap a so-so headline on it, offering a PDF  📃 containing free value as an ethical bribe an email address.





List building was a doddle. After a few nurture emails , you could present an offer and expect  sales. 💰💰💰


It got better. You didn't have to be a marketing Ninja to use paid Facebook Ads to drive traffic to those opt in pages. 📈


Put a dollar in and predictably get a few dollars out. 💵

Good times eh!


But over the last 10 years competition has got stronger.


It’s almost like the world and his entrepreneur wife  got the same marketing memo at once!


  • Create PDF cheat sheet, checklist or guides!
  • Label it FREE VALUE
  • Go out into the market and don’t you dare return until your list has more emails.


The Digital Download Heyday Is Over!


And so all good things come to an end, including the high converting digital download heyday.


Well, PDF lead magnets become repetitive. 💤💤


Entrepreneurs became predictable delivering the same strategy recycled content that frankly is not always valuable.  I mean there's only a limited amount of ways to regurgitate the same trick and tips and “secrets” encapsulated in digital downloads titled “5 Ways to…” or  “The Ultimate Checklist for….”!.


Subscribers got wise to the game and become PDF Immune.


The free checklist, guide or cheat sheet lost it's novelty and became white noise that is easy to ignore despite it's humming in the background.


Inboxes became a digital funeral for unopened emails. ⚰📧


Vaguely interested subscribers hoard digital downloads like a greedy kid at the all you can eat buffet. They overload their plates knowing very well they are never going to consume it all. 🍛🍛





The Rising Cost Of Facebook Ads


PDF apathy means typing up 10 quick tips and presenting it as free value runs the risk of low conversion rates.


The rising cost of Facebook Ads makes the situation even worse.  Low converting landing pages mean your money poured down the drain.  Zuckerberg's pockets get fatter, while your bank account starves.



GDPR the Final Nail in the PDF Coffin


Then came along  GDPR law which put the final nail in the PDF download "coffin".


The new data privacy law applies to dictates how you handle the data of your EU customers. No longer are you allowed to add subscribers to your general marketing or promotional  list just because they opted in for your freebie.


Separate explicit consent must be given.


The freebie has never been “free”. The real value exchange marketers are establishing is the promise of building a relationship with subscribers in order to "earn" the right to present our products and services. GDPR explicit permission contributes to lower conversions.



Wake Up and Smell The Coffee


If this is happening to you you’re not alone; and if not, it’s definitely a slow train coming down the track. 🚆🚆


It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee!


The luxury of super high converting PDF lead magnets is fading!


Granted, in a few markets they're going strong but in most they’re hanging in there on life support.


Some niches have already flatlined despite the entrepreneur's futile attempts to resuscitate  with landing page optimization.


Regardless of how fancy pants your Canva design skills are; PDF immunity is spreading faster than a virus in daycare. Your niche may just be the next one to catch it.


Maybe you're one of the lucky entrepreneurs still experiencing pretty decent opt in rates.


Don't scoff and scroll by too soon!!


There is one last pressing issue that affects ALL PDF lead magnet lovers.


Email Segmentation and lack of it when offering PDF downloads only as lead magnets.



What is Email Segmentation?


Email segmentation allows you to tag subscribers on your email list according to a characteristic, behavior or action that make sense to your business. This type of categorization allows you to send relevant emails to your list depending on their tag. 





Yes it's time to stop sending the men on your list your "10 Simple ways to dispel menstrual cramps" email! Trust me, they won't thank you for it.



Practice List Hygiene


We need to introduce  LIST HYGIENE using sound segmenting strategy.


Think of email segmentation as your list "housekeeper" that puts your subscribers neatly away in the correct labeled drawer. 




Don't you just love a tidy house?


With the right email segmentation strategy in place you will experience:


  • Higher open rates
  • Subscribers actually reading relevant content
  • An increase in clicks to your offers
  • Emails that steer clear of the spam or promotional folder
  • Great authority as you establish yourself as a valued mentor rather than a pesky bugaboo marketer.


Here’s some ways you can divide and conquer your email list into meaningful segments


  • Buyer vs Non Buyer
  • Male vs Female
  • Married vs Single
  • Location
  • Beyonce vs Taylor Swift
  • Kids vs No Kids
  • Income
  • Interests
  • Popular TV shows


The list is endless.


PDF lead magnets alone, don’t effectively categorize your subscribers into granular groups. Just grouping subscribers with a characteristic as  basic as male/female will allow you to adopt a much more relevant email marketing campaign where the messaging is relevant to the sex.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news so I saved the good news to the last.


The good news is


Just like Netflix kicked Blockbuster to the curb


And Amazon put Toys R Us to sleep



The PDF lead magnet has been replaced with something much better that we call “THE QUIZ MAGNET”.



Quiz magnets are a much more effective way to attract your ideal client and build a highly engaged, segmented email list.



So what is a Quiz Magnet?


Think “BuzzFeed” style quizzes that double up as undercover automated lead generation agents that do email segmentation on the fly. You ask a few questions connected to your ideal client’s pain point. Just before the results are displayed a opt in screen captures their email and name and sends it over to your list. You can optionally tag  and segment the contact based on the result and send emails relevant your subscriber’s pain point.


An example is a Quiz by presented by Female Business Coach Marie Forleo.



Entertaining lead generation that subscribers will never get bored of.


Quiz magnets keep your subscribers more entertained than a contestant on the Wheel of Fortune. It’s totally devoid of that icky marketing feel. Subscribers  receivi real value presented in the result and you get to list build on the fly.




What kind of Quiz Magnet should I use?



Well it really depends on what kind of business you own.


Certain types of QUIZ Magnets  work really well with A.C.C.E.S.S entrepreneurs. Namely, Authors, Coaches, Consultants, Experts, Speakers and Service Professionals.


There are Quizzes that are perfect for those selling info product, supplements and physical products in the Ecommerce space


If you have a business and you want to attract a consistent stream of new clients or customers, there is a Quiz Magnet that will work just for you.




What's The Best Quiz Magnet Tool?




One of the best lead generation Quiz tools on the market is  Interact. You can check it out here.




Why a Interact Lead Generation Quiz?


The tool is sooo fun and easy to use you’ll probably go on a quiz building frenzy just because.

Interact quizzes promote

  • High conversions - 50% opt ins is not uncommon
  • Shares - People love to be the first one to share something cool
  • Relationship building - Make your subscribers laugh with your quiz you get remembered!
  • List segmentation - Tag your subscribers when they opt in.
  • Speed - You can literally have a quiz up in minutes rather than the days it takes to research and research, design and create a PDF lead magnet and high converting landing page.


Quiz Lead Magnet Tool



Most importantly...


You can quickly convert quiz takers to high ticket clients with a quiz funnel.


Want to learn how?


Join me on here on my FREE  webclass where I show you exactly what Quiz Magnet will work for your specific business.


I'll  show you behind the scene of a cool Quiz Magnet I use to daily attract highly qualified leads that convert to high ticket clients. All without working crazy hours in my business.


That means.....  


No more racking your brain for cheat sheet ideas.


No more waiting days or weeks for your designer to send back your PDF designs.


No more spray and pray email campaigns where you you send the same message to everyone regardless of their desires.


No more wondering where your next client will come from.


After this training you’ll be able to successfully attract and convert IDEAL CLIENTS DAILY.


What would that be worth to you?


To not have to waste hours on social media manually seeking out your next client. Imagine the extra time and peace of mind you’d have knowing that you have a steady tap of best fit clients streamed into your business on autopilot. Imagine all the extra time you’ll be able to spend with your family.


What would it be worth to be successful RIGHT NOW?


The WebClass is free for the time being.


If you'd like to attend and learn how to convert quiz takers to high ticket clients click here.


See you on the webclass.


Caroline  Your "Get Ideal Clients Daily” Mentor xxx



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