The 10 Step Successful Course Launch Framework Revealed At The 2019 Kajabi Summit


I just got back from the Kajabi conference and it was an absolute blast! I know many of you couldn’t make it out there so consider this your official recap and recount of the online business building gems dropped.

This post is really going to be beneficial to you if you’re launching your online course or signature program and you need a great strategy to stay the course.

The first person to rock the stage was Amy Porterfield with her 10 step course launch framework. 

Amy spoke on a Saturday but it felt like a Sunday because Amy totally took us to COURSE LAUNCH CHURCH! Her profitable “course launch sermon”, almost had me clapping and yelling Amen sister, “You better preach those words of profit”, from the V.I.P section!.

I totally agree with her framework. The main points in this post is a summary of the launch framework tips she gave in her talk, along with my two cents commentary about how to create a successful online...

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