7 Essential Tools For Coaches, Consultants & Course Creators Who Want To Make More And Work Less

by Caroline Onyedinma
Many of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase.


1. Kajabi

  • Host and deliver online course
  • Host membership sites
  • House the curriculum and content for your pieces of training and teaching
  • Build an email list of highly targeted prospects
  • Build a waitlist for your next coaching package.
  • Create landing pages
  • Deliver converting sales pages
  • Send automated email sequences and broadcasts to your subscribers
  • Host your lead magnet and documents
  • Take payments for your programs and packages.
  • Set up reoccurring subscriptions for retainer clients
  • Automated marketing system
  • Create a customer acquisition funnel that runs on autopilot.
  • Manage affiliates who refer people to your products and services
  • Blogging
  • Host live webinars
  • Host automated evergreen webinars
  • Host a virtual summit online

How can it help you make more?

Kajabi is the perfect tool for coaches and consultants and content creators to host online courses and training. The one-stop business tool allows you to bring your  market, attract their ideal client and convert strangers to sales on one platform.

The tool is designed to make it super simple to create and house great offers, deliver lead magnet and take reoccurring payments for your goods and services. The tool removes all technical blocks to increasing revenue in your business.


How can it help you to work less?

Kajabi removes the need of having to string together different technology to build your business engine. Having all the tools you need to run an online business on one platform saves you time and stress.

Sign up for a free trial of Kajabi here


2. Trello

Organization and project management tools. Like a virtual pinboard that allows you to organize operations and content and is accessible to all your team.

Trello allows coaches and consultants to structure and systematize the daily running of their business, as well as project, manage the progress of their clients.

  • Manage clients workflow
  • Document standard operating procedures
  • Collaborate on team projects
  • Create action checklists and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for team members a
  • Create a content calendar for social media or your blog
  • Gather resources and research for content marketing.

How can it help you to make more?

Productivity leads to profitability. A calm organized entrepreneur is able to dedicate the extra time saved with this tool to profit-making activities and increase their revenue.

How can it help you to work less?

Trello allows you to organize your business practices, client workflow, and standard operating procedures so that you become more productive. Essentially organization in your business will allow you to achieve so much more in less time.

The beauty of this tool is that it allows you to have a clear understanding of what you should be doing in your business when you should execute tasks and allows you to curate the content and resources that you need to execute projects in a timely fashion.

You can sign up for Trello here.


3. Zoom

Video conferencing and virtual online meeting service. Essential for coaches, consultants who teach and mentor their clients online.

  • Online video conferencing with clients and other professionals
  • Invite your audience and hold virtual meetings with groups
  • Screen sharing and virtual training
  • Remote access - take control of your client's screen on training sessions
  • Deliver webinars
  • Record trainings and repurpose as trainings or use for content marketing

How can it help you to make more?

The ability to communicate and collaborate with your clients and colleagues in a virtual manner is the lifeblood of any online coach or consultant. The ability to hold webinars or training programs with Zoom will allow you to establish yourself as an expert, influence your niche and convert sales easily.

 How can it help you work less?

The ability to hold virtual meetings with global clients and peers is invaluable. It cuts down on the travel time. Using Zoom to deliver group training programs and webinars rather than one on one programs means you are able to spread your expertise to many simultaneously and cut down on hours spent working with people individually. Every coach and consultant should aim to bring a group coaching program into their business if they wish to work fewer hours but still increase their revenue and impact.

You can learn more about Zoom here.

4. Canva

A cloud-based graphic tool that simplifies graphics and content creation. The best part is that it is free.

  • Create social media graphics - Instagram and Facebook posts
  • Create PDFs and use them as lead magnets
  • Create branding for social media - Facebook headers
  • Create infographics for content marketing projects
  • Create mood boards for branding your website
  • Free and paid image library
  • Resize graphics
  • Create simple logos

How can it help you make more?

Content is king and creates cash. The more content you put out, the more you increase your visibility. You will attract your ideal client who is looking for your goods and services which ultimately will lead to you converting more sales.

How can it help you work less?

The simplicity of Canva and the fact that it's cloud-based means that you can access it anywhere. There is also a mobile app.  There is no need to hire and consult with an expensive graphic designer to build a brand that establishes you as an authority in your niche.

The templates and free images it provides mean that even if you are terrible at design 80% of the work behind creating beautiful graphics, images, and PDFs that market your business is done for you.

Find up more or sign up for Canva here.

5. ActiveCampaign

An email marketing tool and CRM that houses your subscribers and allows you to manage your contacts, it's a marketing automation tool that allows you to record the likes, behaviors, and patterns of your target market and then send them messaging that is congruent with their interests.

  • Send email sequences
  • Send email broadcasts
  • Send conditional automation based on customer behavior
  • Keep a list of highly targeted prospects that are likely to become clients
  • Manage your contact information
  • Tag your subscribers according to behavior and interests
  • Site tracking - spy on who is visiting your site and what they are clicking on

How can it help you make more?

If you are able to talk to your subscribers based on their individual needs and speak to their individual pain points you will increase your conversions and revenue.

How can it help you work less?

Marketing automation allows you to put your workload on autopilot so you don't have to carry out those tasks manually. Sending out automated email sequences, that have been pre-written and configured to follow different workflows with a specific result frees up valuable time in your business.

Find out more or sign up for ActiveCampaign here.


6. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube

  • Share and serve with great content
  • Build a relationship with your audience
  • Advertise your business
  • Build a list from your connections
  • Build a list with messenger marketing
  • Promote brand awareness
  • Converting sales
  • Locating and attracting your ideal client
  • Repelling and rejecting prospects who are not a good fit

How can it help you to make more?

Social media is the perfect vehicle to use to attract and locate top tier clients who will pay you premium rates as an expert or influencer in your niche

How can it help you to work less?

Sharing your mission, message, and motto globally with social media allows you to attract your village, tribe, and ideal customer without exerting wasted efforts on other avenues that don't yield an effective result.


7. G Suite

  • Acquire a custom email address
  • Manage your email
  • Upload video
  • Store and share files
  • Use Google slides to create presentations and training material
  • Use Google sheets to keep track of projects and const
  • Use Google calendar as the central hub for appointments and scheduling
  • Create documents with Google docs
  • Share and collaborate documents with your team
  • Register a custom domain
  • Create a website or blog

How can it help you to make more?

Adopting G Suite in your business can increase your revenue by helping you to spend less on expensive desktop software that you can now access from the cloud for free.

Using the custom email feature of the tool, to give your emails a custom domain, increase credibility and trust in your brand. Prospects feel they are dealing with a real business and are more likely to purchase your packages because of increased viability.

How can it help you to work less?

G Suite allows teams to collaborate together and execute tasks much faster than you could as an individual. The technology accelerates important tasks and allows you to connect from wherever introducing flexibility and productivity in your business.

Find out more or sign up for G Suite here


 This page incorporates affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase.

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