How To Optimize The Kajabi Checkout Page To Increase Sales

by Caroline Onyedinma

If you're a coach, consultant, professional service provider, or any type of expert that has finally taken the plunge to package your expertise into a digital product, I salute you.

If you've chosen Kajabi as your online course platform to create, market, and sell digital products ... not only do I salute, I extend a virtual fist bump. (Hey there Kajabi fam :)

Kajabi is an amazing application that allows you to house your content, marketing, payment processing, and tech are under the same umbrella. You no longer need expensive programmers, a degree in design, or a large team to build your digital empire.

Not using Kajabi? Try it out with a free 28-day Kajabi trial.

I'm an online launch strategist, Kajabi expert, and founder of Ideal Clients Daily, where I help entrepreneurs launch profitable courses, coaching programs, and services that bring financial freedom.

I totally understand online business building can be a little daunting. All the money, time, and energy you've invested into making your online dream a reality has to pay off and it's important to make sure your conversion ducks are in a row.

  • Course or coaching program created and uploaded to Kajabi ✅
  • Course funnel set up ✅
  • Landing page email capture collecting leads ✅
  • Sales page with an irresistible offer published ✅
  • Kajabi offer created ✅

Hold your horses. Before you get too excited about your imminent launch, let's take a quick look at the final page in your course sales funnel ... the checkout page where payment is collected.

A well-designed checkout page will increase sales but if you drop the ball on this crucial conversion point, potential buyers will abandon the cart quicker than people leaving work on Friday at 5 pm.

You must create an offer to collect payments on Kajabi. This process generates a link to the checkout page where leads enter their payment details and buy the offer.

Here's the problem. The default Kajabi checkout page is literally a white page with a title, some templated copy, and price.



Kajabi has features to transform the basic checkout into a high converting experience. However, most Kajabi users don't utilize them and as a result, lose precious conversions.

I once neglected to design my Kajabi offer and consequently, I was dropping conversions like a clumsy kid. I got my conversion act together quickly when the stats revealed my abandon cart rate.

People are used to online shopping carts that have a certain look and feel that promotes trust. When you are selling courses at premium prices you must incorporate these same psychological conversion points that compel people to convert.

You’ve worked to get people to the checkout, so put in the extra effort to get that on-the-fence buyer to comfortably purchase the amazing offer you've labored over. It's not a done deal till credit card details are exchanged and money is in your bank account.

I offer my clients a launch audit where I run a fine-tooth comb through their Kajabi setup and funnel to find where they are leaking revenue. Their Kajabi checkout typically needs fixing.

You can see an example of a Kajabi checkout made sexy on the following link:

I'm going to reveal 15 checkout design tips that can turn a bland and boring Kajabi offer into a high-converting checkout page that compels people to commit to your offer with their credit cards.

#1 - Add a personal brand banner

  • The less busy the better as it removes distractions
  • A picture of your face or a familiar scene builds trust

#2 - Add your brand logo

  • Promotes brand identity
  • Increases trust

#3 - Add a professional product image

  • Increases the perceived value of the offer
  • Paints a visual picture that compels people to convert
  • Digital product mockups work well. Use Canva or SmartMockups to create one

#4 - Create a compelling product name

  • Choose a product name that conveys the desire or transformation
  • Add a tagline that outlines the big promise of the product
  • Choose concise and clear names over cute or clever

#5 - Add contrast with a background color

  • Increases the pages visual appeal
  • Causes the important elements of the page to pop

#6 - Breakdown an irresistible offer

  • Refresh them on exactly what they will get
  • Highlight features and benefits to enhance values
  • Use emojis as bullet points ( emojipedia is your friend)
  • Use the horizontal rule to separate items … visually stacks value
  • Include the value price next to each bonus. This positions the lower actual price as a deal

#7 - Include no more than 3 testimonials

  • Include their name, title, or brand. Niche related brands have a greater impact
  • Include a testimonial picture. Endorsements from real people build trust
  • Include a transformation quote that details the result you helped them get

#8 - Add trust seals

  • Reassures buyers the checkout is secure
  • A standard feature on major online shopping carts

#9 - Keep form fields to a minimum

  • Unnecessary fields make form filling cumbersome
  • Do you really need their address?
  • Makes the mobile device user experience harder and increase cart abandonment
  • On the mobile view, the price and form column should come before the description column. It's time to buy not to sell your offer.
  • Allow buyers to choose their own password. This eliminates login confusion

#10 - Add terms and conditions.

  • Set the expectations after they buy
  • Advise them about their receipt
  • Reassure them there is immediate access to their digital product

#11 - Add an order bump

  • Upsells increase the average customer value
  • The order bump should complement the offer
  • Create short order bump copy the positions the offer as a deal

#12 - Choose an appropriate Buy Button color

  • Avoid red. It a psychological signal to stop
  • Green and blue are safe colors. Green is associated with proceeding

#13 - Add credit card logos & payment options

  • Promotes trust
  • Indicates how they can pay
  • Can they pay with Paypal
  • Multiple payment options increases conversions
  • Do you accept other payment gateways?

#14 - Add customer support information

  • An email or telephone numbers mitigates risk and shows there is a chance to resolve possible problems
  • Demonstrates you are an actual brand

#15 - Add legal links

  • Terms and conditions
  • Privacy
  • Refund policy


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