10 Reasons Why Your New Kajabi Sales Dashboard is Stuck on Zero!!

new kajabi Nov 12, 2016

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1. You haven't integrated your Stripe Payment Processor 

Solution: It's easy peasy lemon squeezy. Stripe is the integrated payment processor for New Kajabi and it is super easy to integrate the two.  When you click on sales under your dashboard, you will see two buttons inviting you to set up Stripe. Click on the one that applies and follow the these instructions to allow people to pay for your content today.

2. Shiny object syndrome snuck in and you got distracted with a million other things to grow your business.

Solution: Don't worry we all get sidetracked. However, the pathway to financial prosperity with passive incomes begins with app.newkajabi.com. Yesssss, just log in and have snoop around at the dashboard and the features. Go to your inbox and do a search for the initial email that was sent to you when you signed up, locate your login details and just take the first step of logging. I guarantee once you see how simple it is to access you will be back.

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