10 Reasons Why Your New Kajabi Sales Dashboard is Stuck on Zero!!

by Caroline Onyedinma

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1. You haven't integrated your Stripe Payment Processor 

Solution: It's easy peasy lemon squeezy. Stripe is the integrated payment processor for New Kajabi and it is super easy to integrate the two.  When you click on sales under your dashboard, you will see two buttons inviting you to set up Stripe. Click on the one that applies and follow the these instructions to allow people to pay for your content today.

2. Shiny object syndrome snuck in and you got distracted with a million other things to grow your business.

Solution: Don't worry we all get sidetracked. However, the pathway to financial prosperity with passive incomes begins with app.newkajabi.com. Yesssss, just log in and have snoop around at the dashboard and the features. Go to your inbox and do a search for the initial email that was sent to you when you signed up, locate your login details and just take the first step of logging. I guarantee once you see how simple it is to access you will be back.

3. You have analysis paralysis over what your signature course should be so you do nothing

Solution: It's common to have so many ideas but be confident in none because you don't believe anyone would want to pay for it. Don't you know your knowledge is very much in demand.  The knowledge you take for granted may be the very knowledge your avatar is seeking and ready to pay through to make a breakthrough on their problem. Take your PRESENT knowlege on topic digitize it, brand it, market it and sell it.

 4. You're a coach or consultant selling coaching packages not courses. You don't know how to use New Kajabi to faciliate this.

Solution. You don't have to sell course to use New Kajabi. Get smart, use the payment processor to take package payments. Create an onboarding product which introduces who you are and instructions on what your client should do once they are booked in. Create your brand on a New Kajabi website. Use a product to allow clients to book session and schedule time.  New Kajabi is perfect as the hub to build an automated, integrated business system that you run your coaching business from.

5. You are a perfectionist and need the tech to make perfect sense or your content to be just right before you make a move.

Solution: Perfection is a journey not a destination. If expect to understand all the moving parts 100% before you make your move, this is a sure way to stay broke. Concentrate on one idea or one concept in New Kajabi at a time and see it to fruition. With the right tech tutorials and marketing strategy you are bound to move that sales dashboard of zero even if you are not tech savvy and your content is not flawless.

6. All the content you share has the grand old price of FREE.

Solution: Sharing is caring but oversharing is stupid. Give away some free content as a strategy to attract people to your brand, establish yourself as an authority in your niche and to build that "know, like, trust factor." Just remember you are building a profitable business not a charity and that sales dashboard is not going to rain multiple zeros with a perpetual "free is me" content strategy. Put the real deal, killer content, embodied in courses, ebooks and video behind a pay wall and sell the hell out of it. Give, give, give, give but never forget to ask. You have earned the right to ask for payment with confidence because you previously give so freely, no guilt allowed. 

7. You've maxed out your budget on tech tools and cannot afford extra tools to integrate with Kajabi.

Solution: New Kajabi has all you need to build a complete online digital business without the need to include third party tools. Look what you get out the box

  • Landing Pages - create  and deliver lead magnets that allow you to build your list
  • Payment processors - painlessly take payments with the fully integrated Stripe payment processor
  • Content Management - House your video, audio, PDFs and other digital assets directly in New Kajabi rather than paying for an expensive video hosting platform externally like Vimeo or Wistia. New Kajabi uses Wistia internally.
  • Email Marketing - No need for an external auto responder . With Kajabi's inbuilt email marketing system you are able to send sequences and broadcast to your email list.
  • Reporting and Analytics - The reporting dashboard that is featured allows you to make decisions on the data that is collected.
  • Blog - Create a sound content management blue print with the Kajabi built in blog. No need to host an external  WordPress site.

The beauty of all these features is choice. You can opt to use Kajabi to be a one stop show for all your digital buisness needs or integrate with other third party tools to make your system totally flexible. You're the boss, you get to choose. Choice is a beautiufl thing. However if you are money concious pay once and play forever all within New Kajabi.

8. You keep thinking, there are so many other courses on my course topic. Why would anyone buy my course?

Solution: Competition is a healthy indicator of demand for your content and should not be viewed negatively. Find your unique selling position (USP) that differentiates you from the rest, make your brand visible and attract your own tribe who would rather buy from you rather than someone selling the exactly the same course. For instance my family loves pizza. Both Pizza Hut and Domino's sell virtually the same pizza. I prefer Pizza Hut because I like the deep pan crunchy crust. My kids like Domino's because of the sauce. What do you have in your brand that stands out from the rest? Let me partially answer that question. YOU, Yes, you are the USP of your brand. There is only one and no matter what you cannot be photocopied. YOU make your brand unique and their will always be a tribe that resonate with you and want to buy your products over anyone elses. So the mandate is go find your tribe, work it for all it's worth and sell a boat load of courses.

9. You have created a course but have no idea how to find your ideal customer and drive traffic to your content.

Believe it or not creating your content and digitizing your zone of genius is the easy part. The harder task is to make your content visiible to your ideal client and to take that casual browser of your content into a paid customer. All course creation and no lead generation makes Jack or Jill a poor content creator. 

A solid lead generation and conversion stategy is essential for destination six figures on your course. Some basic things that facilitate traffic generation.

  • Multiple opt ins and opt in opportunites on your site and across social media
  • A social media strategy that incorporates live streaming
  • Paid Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Ads

10. Procrastination is your middle name.

Solution: Delaying your passive income is robbing you from the lifestyle that you you crave and your family deserves. Get the the bottom of this mental mindblock manifested in procrastination and move towards your imminent success. Maybe you are suffering from overwhelm. One of the best pieces of advise I give my clients is when in doubt or when you feel the tech deluge is about to overtake you seek help. Don't be so literal. A solopreneur doesn't mean that you have to do it all yourself. Look for professionals that can help you with your marketing, tech and content strategy. Small consistent steps everyday will bring you to New Kajabi victory with a slew of digital courses and products that solve your avatar's painpoint and move that sales dashboard safely of zero and into the six figure and beyond zone.


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