OfferMind 2019 Event Review

offer Sep 07, 2019

OfferMind 2019, held in Boise, Idaho was a marketing-fest of what's working now strategy.

This review is a complete blow by blow account of the event. It's a long read. If you prefer to watch video you can do so here.

The event covered how to design lucrative offers and sales messages using REAL MARKETING.

If you're the type of online entrepreneur that wants to:

  • Build a long term, lucrative online business not just a quick buck side hustle.
  • Make the kind of money that gives you the financial freedom to live life on your own terms
  • Create, market and sell premium transformational products and services that add value to your dream customer's life

Then OfferMind is right up your alley.

Any influencer or expert that wants to build a constantly growing loyal fan base must create a CULT-URE, not just a brand.  Steve Larsen understands this. Tribe building was in full effect at OfferMind.

The Game of Thrones-Esque event sigil was...

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